I'll Point Your Business in the Right Direction

Who am I?


I'm Joshua Dingler, a graphic and web designer based in Dunnellon, FL. I create custom graphics and websites, and I'd love to work with you, no matter where you are.


How can I help you?


Over the years, I've designed company logos, t-shirt images, signs, business cards, websites, commissioned art, and more for local businesses, schools, churches, charities, musicians, and individuals.


What is your brand?


No matter what type of work you do, there's something that distinguishes you and your product/service from others.


This is the basis of your brand.


You need a graphic designer who understands this to ensure that your brand is distinct, clear, and represents you well in everything you do. By combining my experience with your vision, we can craft your brand to do just that. Please take a look at some samples of my work, and contact me to find out what I can do for you!